The hoax of the subliminal message

24 Nov

Remember Carlo’s bike and what it signalled? Towards the end of his interesting lecture, Professor Edoardo Lobardi mentioned the study done in 1957 on subliminal messages. During the screening of a film at a cinema, the message ”Drink Coca Cola” flashed on the screen so briefly that it wasn’t perceived by the audience. During intermission people rushed to the concessions and bought large amounts of Coca Cola. They had been influenced subliminally.

Or so the story goes. It is such a good story, it feels a pity to ruin it, but the fact of the matter is that that particulary study was a hoax and later studies in the field have proved that these kinds of subliminal messages don’t work. Read more here. There are many ways to influence people, and Prof Lombardi showed us some good examples, but the one with messages cut into films is just a case of an untrue story too good not to be told.


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