26 Nov

A beautiful door-pull on a shop-door on Via Piemonte. There is a shop just off Piazza di Spagna where you can by all sorts of nice door-knobs, door-knockers and the like. But nothing as exquisite as this.

Speaking of shopping, I found the streets around the Metro San Giovanni to be a good place to shop. Not as crowded as the Corso but still a very big selection. Coin is located here, which is a good department store and for the market enthusiast (meaning me) there is the Via Sannio market. Here some sellers are rather obtrusive, but if you’re only in the right mood, the market experience is always rewarding.

Leam is a good shop to browse for clothes in, but too expensive for me. I went to their outlet, close to their real shop on Via Appia Nuova. Outlet prices starting at €100 may be cheap for some, but not for me.



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