Lost in the City of the Dead

26 Nov

The Verano cemetary is a city within the city. You could get lost in here. Every tomb tells a story, if you have the knowledge or imagination to hear it. But most of these stones won’t yield their secrets so easily. Take the one here to the left. See the grenade? Was that the grenade that killed this brave aviator in 1916, or is it something he carried in his plane when it crashed? What kind of family would put a grenade on their grave? Who was this man? How did he die? More importantly, how did he live?

Isn’t this a strange coffin/sarcophagus? Stella Domheur, I think her name was, born in New York, died in Fiano Romano. Placed on top of the Montenovesi family grave. Why? An American, not good enough to bury within the family grave? Or too good for them?


As long as you don’t know the people buried, I think a cemetary can be an inspiring place to visit. An endless supply of stories, if you are tuned in.

Here lies a story, quite literally. Her name was Story, Emelyn Story and her husband was a sculptor. This piece is his work. He died himself shortly after finishing it. This is in the Protestant, or Non-Catholic cemetary. More on Emelyn and her husband here.

Ett svar till “Lost in the City of the Dead”

  1. Gull 30 november, 2009 den 6:26 e m #

    Fascinerande! Så intressant att få läsa. Nästa resa Rom, känns det som.


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