Mer om Neil: läsvanor

4 Maj

Vad har Neil Gaiman på nattduksbordet? I New York Times får vi veta. En bok som ligger där heter Just My Type: A Book About Fonts. Den vill jag ha. I övrigt charmerande svar på lite fyrkantiga frågor. Som här:

If you could meet any writer, dead or alive, who would it be? What would you want to know? Have you ever written to an author?

As a teenager I wrote to R. A. Lafferty. And he responded, too, with letters that were like R. A. Lafferty short stories, filled with elliptical answers to straight questions and simple answers to complicated ones.

He was a sui generis writer, the oddest and most frustratingly delightful of American tall-tale tellers. Not a lot of people have read him, and even fewer like what he wrote, but those of us who like him like him all the way. We never met.

The last time I wrote to Lafferty, he had Alzheimer’s and was in a home in Oklahoma, shortly before his death, and I do not believe he read or understood the letter, but it made me feel like I was doing something right by writing it and sending it.


Men läs hela frågestunden själva. Neil Gaiman kan allt, som sagt. Även göra en fråga/svar-intervju till trevlig läsning.


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