Take some of the fire, gubb bastard

6 Dec

På bloggstatistiken ser jag att någon översatt inlägget om sämsta kunden till engelska. Sån här humor kan man inte hitta på, det ska ett dataprogram till för att skapa den.

But today was the one guy who can get to represent the worst customer, so I write about him instead. He rose up and asked, but to see themselves: ”Do you have apple Anton Nilsson Our resorts? It was not you, huh? Have you? It was, I looked for a long time. ”

I happened to actually have the book in question, within arm’s length, and even, so I took it out from the rack and stretched it out. ”Here it is,” I said, ”and it is also cheap, only six hundred dollars.” (It is actually TERRIBLY cheap for the book, believe me.)

”Well,” said the old man, who had not thought to find the book. ”Hmm. Do you have anything on motorcycles or mopeds? ”

I showed him on the shelf for motorcycles and mopeds.

”I’m looking for a particular book,” he said, perhaps afraid I would have it, ”it is fairly new, many pictures, mopeds …”

”Nah, that I have not ‘, I said.

”It was a shame,” said the old man, ”that I would like to have.” Since he left the shop. He was there for a maximum of three minutes.

Take some of the fire gubb bastard, I thought, but said nothing. So, if it had been me who looked (long!) After Anton Nilsson Our apple varieties, and I found it for 600 kronor, so I had struck directly. This DODDERER were after something else, he wanted to whine, he wanted to go into a store and not find what he was searched and complain about it.

I continue filament in the text of the best customers.It becomes longer, because there are so many, many more good than bad customers.

Ett svar till “Take some of the fire, gubb bastard”

  1. Badgear 19 december, 2008 den 4:36 e m #

    ”Dator”översättningarna kan rädda en tröstlös och regnig dag, det är ett som är säkert. Jag roade mig ett tag med svänga över ett gäng artiklar ur en belgisk tidning till svenska och fick mitt lystmäte.

    god jul önskas till antikvariatet.


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